Private Lessons

Mike Roza's Pitching Academy's private baseball lessons will provide aspiring athletes the proper mechanics and fundamentals allowing them to take their game to the next level. We offer individual, one on one and small group lessons in the areas of pitching, hitting and fielding.

Our individual lesson prices begin at $50 for a one-hour session. Please call us at (650) 440-0996 for more information regarding small group lesson pricing.


Pitching Lessons
  • Learn proper pitching mechanics
  • Improve pitching speed
  • Learn various finger grips
  • Learn proper stances and mound setup
  • Learn to make different pitch selections


Hitting Lessons
  • Increase batting power and speed
  • Improve your batting average
  • Learn to use your hips properly
  • Learn the correct hand position on the bat
  • Shorten your overall swing


  • Learn to field ground balls and flys
  • Learn proper ready positioning
  • Learn proper fielding mechanics
  • Improve your throwing
  • Learn to play infield and outfield positions

Call us today at (650) 440-0996 to get schedule your next lesson! Space is limited!